Useful Links for property help Queanbeyan.

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  • The Office of State Revenue is a department of NSW finance services and innovation. They provide grants, fine resolution, revenue collection, and debt recovery.
  • This First Home Owner Grants link provided by the NSW Government presents information on the first homeowners grant.  Using this link you can see if you’re eligible for a grant.
  • Transfer of land or business duty calculator is a link provided by the NSW Government to provide information and calculate the land of business duty.
  • Real Estate Websites:
  • CoreLogic is a residential property system that provides property insights and information through a large, specialised database. This site enables you to understand the market in which you are buying or selling into, it also prevents hours of time wasted researching.

Home Lenders

  • St George Bank provide home loans with competitive rates and features popular home loans and package deals.

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